this blog sucks and im sorry

hi so

All men are pigs

All men but me

I’m a swan that crashed on your lawn

do you ever have to go someplace and you’re like

"today i want to dress like _____"

a character

zombie hunter

right from the apocalypse

20’s style

ect ect ect

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my fandoms are all over the place lmao
im still kind of in the toe about homestuck 
i stll fuckin love problem sleuth
im into off 
dangan ronpa / dangit ronpaul / dangle rompers im trying to get into but the paywalls up 
pmmm is still a class favorite
Aaaannnndddd i think thats it
OH METAL GEAR SOLID because hot old dudes are my calling

mostly i’ve been into wreck it ralph and homestuck and whatever clings to me while i blow through

i’m sorta into off but i’ve only seen zone 1 and some of zone 2 and a fuckton of tumblr spoilers so you know it’s so-so

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bully-barf replied to your post: bully-barf replied to your post: posting on this…

its a good thing takes in hands gives mandible kisses

horray u v u

how are your fandoms looking

bully-barf replied to your post: posting on this blog is very strange because its…

I remember you.

is that a good thing or a bad thing because i remember you too (and i still like you in your horribly brutal way)

posting on this blog is very strange because it’s like shouting in a crowd of people and no one turns to look


who the fuck is any of you

i’m having urges to make a new die or jack account and i don’t know if that’s a good idea or not

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